Global Game Jam 2017 - Honolulu

Web Deployment with Airship CMS

Airship CMS

On Saturday, Jan 21, from 10am - 11am, we will be demonstrating a rapid development & deployment workflow using, our software sponsor's product. All workshop attendees will receive a free account to deploy their hackathon projects. Accounts include 1 year of web & asset hosting with an subdomain.

Getting Started (you will need an account first!)
What is Airship CMS?
Airship + Phaser Example Project
Airship + Phaser + Webpack Starter Kit

Please note that this product is currently in beta, and workshop participants will need a Mac or Linux machine in order to follow along. Windows release coming soon!

If you have a game or website about your game that you would like to publish for the game jam, email to get an account if you missed the workshop!

Past Workshops

Leading up to the Game Jam, DevLeague hosted a series of Game Development Workshops. Watch the workshop livestream videos:

DevLeague - GameDev with Phaser 1

Intro to PhaserJS. Get the Slides.

DevLeague - GameDev Art Workshop

Super basic intro to making 2D art assets. Get the Slides. If interested in the Making-of Videos for detailed step-by-step tutorials of Photoshop, Sketch, and Texture Packer, find them here.

DevLeague - GameDev with Phaser 2

Phaser Part 2. Part 2 builds off of the topics covered in Part 1 of this series. Participants will be creating a platformer type game with vanilla js, oop, and a level editor.

This workshop will be interactive, participants will get to follow the patterns set to extend the base game functionality to add the ability to collect ammo, fire pellets at enemies, code the collision detection logic, and more. Get the Slides.

Making-Of Videos Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. More PhaserJS on MUTE, and working through creating a Doodle Jump Clone in preparation for the 2nd live Phaser workshop.

DevLeague - GameDev Workshop with Phaser pt 3

PhaserJS workshop. Part 3 touches up with web sockets to build online multiplayer games. Get the Slides.

DevLeague - GameDev Workshop - Intro to Unity

Intro to Unity workshop.

Rapid Prototyping & 2D Game Dev with Unity

Get the Slides.
- Learn how to use the Asset store to find premade assets and import them into your project for quick prototyping.
- Learn about Unity 2D game development and 2D game collisions.
- Learn about particle effects.

More Resources

The official Global Game Jam website has put together a list of Jammer Resources. In addition, GGJ organizers have also put together a Google Doc of Resources.

Marketing Resources

Posters, Social Media Graphics for Global Game Jam 2017 - Honolulu can be found here.