Global Game Jam 2019 - Honolulu

Game Submissions

Step 1: Fill out a short form!!

Allow 5 minutes to fill out this short form about your game!


Step 2: Submit to GGJ Official

Allow yourself at least an hour to gather all your files & screenshots and prep for submission.

Secret: If you are short on time, just fill out what you can, and update your submission right after local presentations. GGJ Official says that "pencils down" is 3pm, and Uploads are officially due at 5pm. Though really...just have fun making a game, and upload what you can. Submissions don't have to look pretty or be perfect! Just submit something!

Peruse the Rules

Be sure the files you are uploading abide by GGJ Official's Official Rules. Your stuff will be submitted under an Open Source license, though you (the creator) can go off and continue developing your game, profit, etc. Read the Rules if you need more information. ...and if in doubt...maybe leave it out?

Organize Your Files

GGJ Official would like files organized in a specific structure. Here's an Example Directory. Your main directory (folder) should have a license file and 4 sub directories: /Source, /Release, /Press, and /Other.

  • /Source

    This is for the actual source files, like C or C++ files and assets like sound, music and art. Do not include game engines or tools. Do include your project folders from Unity or GameMaker. Write a README file that explains how to use your code to make the game. For non-digital games, your PDF instructions would go here. Test to make sure you have everything!

  • /Release

    This is for the executable version of your game. If possible, you can include multiple versions for different architectures (like Mac OS X, Windows versions and APK files). Include a README file that explains what OS or environment is needed to run the game.

  • /Press

    This is for screenshots and videos about your game. Include at least one 1024x768 screenshot of your game. If you have links to YouTube videos or other online resources, put them in a text file here.

  • /Other

    Anything else you like! For example: More licenses, Credits, Contact information.

Zip up your main project directory.

Prep Screenshots, etc.

Prepare a Featured Image, Screenshots, Team Photo, and Video if you have one. Yeah, that's a lot. Just do what you can.

Submit Your Game

  1. Go to the GGJ Website.
  2. Click on Upload a Game if you haven't started the process yet (but you should have already done that yesterday) on the top left of your screen. Links to your game can also be found under the My Game link, or on the My Profile page.
  3. Fill out all the things. Upload what you can.
  4. Save.